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Encouraging Good Posture in School

Encouraging Good Posture in School

Your child will soon be back in a routine that consists of sitting at schoolーmaybe even up to hours a day. Many teachers have incorporated hands-on activities that allow kids to move around the classroom, along with, of course, physical education classes. But, as your child gets older, physical education becomes less and less noticeable in school curriculum. Your child may be struggling to keep still or sit up in the classroom. These actions may cause long term structural problems for their back, neck, and more later on in life.

To have good posture means that you need to be aware of always holding yourself in a way that puts less strain on your back. The Women and Children’s Health Network recommend that when sitting down, you need to rest and move around every 30 minutes. If you’re sitting at a computer, you should stretch your muscles as well to keep them relaxed.

There are many reasons that could cause your child to have poor posture in the classroom. The child’s chair may be too small or too big for him or her. They may even have a weak “attention” to core strength, which causes them to slouch in their chairs. Or maybe, they just need a movement break.

You can help your child overcome these obstacles by applying a few adjustments such as propping the child up with objects (heavy books) when the chair is too big; practicing core strength building exercises at home, or even consider alternative seating such as a ball chair. If your child’s school does not allow this, try to practice alternative seating in the home environment. The child development blog The Inspired Treehouse offers plenty of core strength building exercises for your child to begin.

Having good posture at a young age is important for how your body functions for the rest of your life. Try to encourage your children to have good posture, inside the classroom and out!


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