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A Migraine headache can cause serious problems and may last for as much as days at a time. Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Falmouth, King George, VA, and Northern Virginia area residents can get relief from Dr. Jean Exume at Desiring Health Specific Chiropractic now.

Migraine Q&A

Why do Migraines Happen?

Migraines can happen for a variety of reasons, and the cause may not always be clear. Perhaps the most common cause of migraines are problems with the cervical spine. The two vertebrae that may play a role are C1 and C2. These neck vertebrae can become misaligned, causing a whole variety of problems within the body. Sometimes the spinal imbalance causing the migraines is further down the back. Regardless of where the problem is, many migraines happen when the spine is out of balance. Some people have triggers that bring migraines on, as well.

What Type of Things Trigger Migraines?

It is not always easy to identify migraine triggers, but if a patient pays close attention to the timing and the pattern of their migraines they may be able to do so. For some people, foods like wine and cheese tend to trigger migraines. For others, the triggers may be related to bad weather, lack of sleep, or drinking too much alcohol. Not every person is able to identify their migraine triggers. However, even if the triggers can't be isolated, there is effective treatment available.

What Are the Symptoms of a Migraine?

A migraine is very painful for most people, and it tends to be a throbbing type of pain. It may happen only on one side of the head, although both sides are possible. Migraines are sometimes preceded by an aura. An aura is a type of alert that lets a person know the headache is on the way, usually within a few hours. Auras may include dizziness, visual distortions, ringing in the ears, or sensitivity to light.

How Does the Chiropractor Treat Migraines?

The chiropractor takes an all natural approach to migraine treatment. He will carefully correct any cervical or lumbar spine imbalances that may be leading to or contributing to the migraine. Many patients get migraine relief very quickly after an adjustment, and they have a reduced number of migraines in the future if regular adjustments are done. If patients still have occasional migraines, they are often dramatically less intense and painful.






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