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Cold Weather and Your Joints

Cold Weather and Your Joints

Winter isn’t far away. Are your joints aching already? Chiropractor work may be the answer to your cold weather aches.

Seasonal weather has a high impact on our joints--especially the wintertime. Low temperatures can cause joint pain in the back, arms, shoulders, hips, and knees.

According to Eastside Chiropractic Center Inc, there is not a definite answer to why chronic joint pain is associated with cold weather.

Most speculate that due to the low air pressure, it causes the joints to expand, further irritating the joints that are common to swelling and tenderness.

If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, the pain is bound to get worse in the winter months.

Hydration and regular exercise are recommended for achy cold weather joints. However, the best way to help the pain is to visit a chiropractor.

Dr. Jean will locate the pain and try to recommend the solution that is best for you. Some alternate solutions include warm baths and even Vitamin D supplements.

Stay warm this winter and make sure you take care of your joints. Visit Dr. Jean today so he can help your cold weather pain.

Megan Bingham

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